Our Assessment DE

Our assesment

For an extensive analysis of your personal immigration chances, we charge you the nominal amount of NZ$ 80.00 . Fees may be paid by credit card, bank draft or money order payable to Instant Immigration Services. A credit card form can be found here for your convenience.

Why and what do I get in return?

We invest our time and efforts on people who are serious about their immigration plans.
We are committed and determined to provide a detailed assessment of your chances, but in order to continue this service in the future we can only serve people seriously interested in immigrating. Due to the large amount of nonsense inquiries in the past, we now expect a serious immigrant to be prepared to spend the fee of NZ$ 80.00 for a detailed assessment, which is credited once we you sign up with our company for the immigration process.
The quality of our assessment is excellent and you can be assured that you will not simply get a brief summary of your current points situation but a rather detailed assessment outlining all options and recommending strategies for your individual situation.

Our services will save you considerable time and effort, ensure the accuracy of your application, and maximize your chances for success. It is in your best interest to be properly informed before you decide to submit an application in order to avoid spending a great deal of time, effort and money unnecessarily. For this reason, we have prepared the enclosed questionnaire to help us to evaluate your qualifications and the likelihood of of your application being accepted.
Once we have received the completed questionnaire and the processing fee of NZ$ 80.00 we will provide you with a professionally prepared analysis from the viewpoint of the New Zealand Immigration Service incorporating their policy and procedure.
You will receive a detailed assessment of your situation and we will recommend the type of visa suitable for your individual situation. If you should not qualify under any category whatsoever we will honestly inform you.

So, what has to be done?

  1. Please fill in the short questionnaire and send it to us. Kindly provide all information required enabling us to gain an overview of your situation.
  2. We will then analyze your details and send you our detailed questionnaire per email soon after. This questionnaire will be a personalized one and will address any problems (e.g. registration for certain professions, NZQA assessment of your qualification) in order to provide you with a detailed and complete analysis.