About us EN

About us

Established in 1997, we have assisted ever increasing numbers of satisfied clients.
We are team of dedicated people who serve clients settling across New Zealand in all sorts of professions.
Yes, we love our job, even after 16 years in the business and these are our proud achievements:

Since 1997 only 8 (eight !) out of more than 2,800 applications (as of December 2013) had a negative outcome, this equals a success rate of 99.996%.
We only take on cases that are very likely to succeed otherwise we’ll tell you upfront and refuse to accept the case. In the unlikely event that an application is declined due to our fault our consulting fees will be refunded (this includes the initial deposit).

This is and will always be our company philosophy. Success is the cheapest and best form of advertising and we are determined to keep our success rate where is stands right now.

Who we are

Peter Beiner Licensed Immigration Adviser IAA 200800579
Before compulsory licensing came into effect in 2008 Peter was a member of the Industry Reference Group (IRG) of the ImmigrationAdvisers Authority (IAA).

The IRG is a group of licensed immigration advisors, that advise the Ministry of Immigration and the IAA with regard to the development, implementation and enforcement of IAA guidelines and the Code of Conduct.

In December 2008 after intensive scrutiny by the IAA Peter Beiner was one of the first advisers to receive his license and joined the exclusive group of recognised immigration experts. By law since May 2009 all Immigration Advisors providing immigration advice for NZ must be licensed.
Further information regarding this can be found here: www.iaa.govt.nz

Peter is also licensed by the German government.
Having passed the rigorous test he was awarded the title ‘Lizensierter Immigrationsberater gemaess Auswandererschutzgesetz (AuswSg)’. Germany introduced its compulsory licensing system in 1975 requiring any person giving immigration advice to undergo testing and monitoring on a regular basis.

Peter is assisted by his PA Samantha Kelsey Licensed Immigration Adviser IAA 201200910
Sam is fluent in German and immigrated to NZ from the UK in 2002.

Where we are

Being based in Auckland is an often underestimated advantage for arriving clients from around the world who benefit from our extensive network of service providers  (accommodation, language courses, job search seminars, tax advisers, etc….). We sort things out when you get here.
Peter does numerous annual trips to Europe and Asia meeting potential clients for fact-to-face consultations which are often eye-opening experiences.


Migration Institute of New Zealand (MINZ)
Full member of the New Zealand Association of Migration and Investment (NZAMI)
AKH Aussenhandelskammer Auckland (AHK)
New Zealand German Business Association (germantrade.co.nz )

What sets us apart from our competition?

  • We only advise clients on immigration to NZ (and no other immigration destinations).
  • Membership in above mentioned organisations ensures up-to date information and interpretation of current and future policy
  • We offer a 100% money back guarantee if it is proven that during the application process we have made a mistake.
  • Final installment payable after issue of visa only

It is our policy from the outset to only accept clients that have an excellent chance of a successful outcome, otherwise we refuse to accept the case.

For references visit our website References pages or the online portal Migration Agent Reviews.