Skilled Migrant Category EN

Skilled Migrant Category (SMC)

A significant part of all applications (approx. 35% according to NZIS Statistics) is lodged under this category.
SMC has been in place since late 2003 and has since undergone substantial changes resulting in dramatic passmark shifts affecting tens of thousands of would-be immigrants.

The Skilled Migrant Category is based upon a points system awarding points for age (min. age 20 years, max. age 55 years), qualification, work experience, NZ-offer of employment. It also awards bonus points for special circumstances (e.g. offer of employment in areas of absolute shortage and/or outside the Auckland region, etc.).

Please click here for details on all achievable points

How does this system work?

Applicants who are able to score a minimum of 100 points can register their interest, the so-called “Expression of Interest” (EOI) with the NZIS. All EOIs are entered into a pool and EOIs will be selected from this pool on a regular basis (at present fortnightly).
Prior to every pool selection the NZIS sets the passmark and only those EOIs meeting that mark are selected. Succesful applicants will then receive a written letter inviting them to lodge an application for permanent residence (so-called ITA) within 4 months of their written ITA. Unselected EOIs will remain in the pool for a total of 6months and are drawn from the pool during that period only if they meet the selection criteria (which often change on a fortnightly basis).

Special conditions may apply which are too manifold and complex to discuss here, so please contact us for details.

The Skilled Migrant Category produces a significant number of unsuccessful EOIs simply due to insufficient knowledge by the applicant.
The reasons range from formal mistakes, language barriers, legal barriers/inexperience and often, yes, incomplete information supplied by the authorities.

The most recent pool selection results and INZ fact sheets can be found here