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Our references

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D.D., Wellington/NZ

For our application process we decided to have a consultant and after a good scanning we decided in use the services of Instant Immigration Services.Mr. Peter Beiner of IIS helped us in every step of the application, guiding us right from collecting the required documents to sending the passport for visa stamping. Our application was processed in less than 3 months and the credit goes to the careful & error free application prepared by IIS.Mr. Peter Beiner helped us in the initial days while we were in a process to find a job. The professional fee charged by IIS was very reasonable comparing to other agencies. The payment terms were made to suit us. The money-back assurance was attractive as well.We are very satisfied by the services provided by Instant Immigration Services.

G.Y., Rotorua/NZ

I would like to take this opportunity to show my appreciation for all your support and help.It really means a lot to me. Every time when I got fussy, it was always you to tell me to be patient, until now I got through.You judge things fairly and positively, which I learned a lot. You are a brilliant agent. Thank you very much indeed.

S.K., Taupo/NZ

To whom it may concern,

Throughout the time I have been involved with Instant Immigration, they have always maintained a professional and helpful manner. I have found the service to be very efficient – thoroughly examining my case (repeatedly until complete) and supplying detailed information on documentation and instructions on the immigration process.I am more than satisfied with the service I have received and would recommend Instant Immigration’s services again.

S.P., Auckland/NZ

This letter is to confirm that I have recently used the services of Mr. Peter Beiner of Instant Immigration Services.

His services have been of an excellent professional standard, and I have found him to be of a very friendly and helpful nature. His fees have been very reasonable for his services provided and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to other clients or using him again myself in the future.

D.R., Blenheim/NZ

I started my co-operation with Instant Immigration Services – Mr. Peter Beiner, in September 2009, when I have been first time in contact with them. I found their web site using a internet search engine. After couple of email messages and low-cost assesment of our chances, we decided to go further with immigration process. Our decision was based on their first assesment.We received the contract, signed it and started the immigration procedure.What I want to say is that we are more than pleased for the services and the customer care. We received from the begining all the details, fees, with no hidden things and costs. The most important thing for us was that we started to have trust in this company from the begining because everything what they did was done in a professional manner, and as a result, we are proud to be now New Zealand residents.

O. P., USA

To whom it may concern:

I engaged Peter Beiner (Instant Immigration Services (NZ) Ltd.) to assist me with my application for residence status in New Zealand – I had found them through a reference on a German website. My experience with IIS (NZ) Ltd. in going through the process has been outstanding.

More specifically, I would rate Instant Immigration Services (NZ) Ltd. in the below categories as follows (1 poor, 10 outstanding):

  1. Pre-qualification of myself and my wife: 9
  2. Transparency of services and contracts: 10 (very clear statements about Instant Immigration Services (NZ) Ltd.’s ability to assist – unlike others
  3. NZIS compliant checklist of document, certifications etc.: 9 (comment: it is easy to overlook small details – Instant Immigration Services (NZ) Ltd. could be more proactive in ensuring that applicant follows through on all requirements; advice was uniformly clear and accaurate)
  4. Responsiveness to e-mails and phone calls during application process: 10
  5. Domain knowledge on NZIS policy and operations changes: 10
  6. Professionalism: 10
  7. Cost: 9 (very reasonable for time saved, quality of application)
  8. Payment terms: 10 (50% due upon signing contract, remainder upon acceptance)

My application was accepted upon first consideration by NZIS, which I believe is attributable to Instant Immigration Services (NZ) Ltd.’s counsel and follow-up throughout the application process, as well as their professional presentation of all materials.

Based on this engagement I would, without hesitation, recommend Instant Immigration Services (NZ) Ltd. to anyone considering migrating to New Zealand. Furthermore, I believe that Peter Beiner/IIS accurately represents the policies, decisions and operations of NZIS toward potential migrants.

K.W., Wellington/NZ

I would rate the services of Instant Immigration Services with 9 out of 10 points because of the following reasons:

  • from the start of our business relation Peter Beiner was always able to answer all my funny questions at any time and to dispel all reservations which I sometimes had or when I got nervous about bureaucracy
  • apart from questions concerning immigration issues Peter Beiner was a great help for me in a lot of other issues like e.g. translations, booking flights, health insurance, shipping my belongings, finding work etc.
  • Peter Beiner always kept me up-to date about the present state of things
  • the price of the services is more than reasonable
  • despite the fact that my decision of coming to NZ and the point of time I wanted to fly in were very close (3.5 months) Instant Immigration Services managed to get everything done according to my plans (whereas I heard of a lot of other people who planned the immigration for years in advance)

Now I am a Permanent Resident under the General Skills category. Thank you very much to Peter Beiner and his team!!!

J.H., UK

Competence – 10, we went through quite a lot of immigration law changes and Peter always seemed very well informed

Reliability – 8, this was a difficult one as we were on completely different sides of the world but Peter made it as easy as possible to communicate and to keep us informed of what was happening.

Fees – 7,  Probably a bit more than we initially wanted to spend but looking at the outcome and the life we know have I guess that is priceless

Overall Service – 9, As stated above we went through a few times when we thought we would not get in because of the immigration laws changing constantly but Peter always informed us of what was happening and what certain changes meant for us, we were happy with the service we received.

Familie H, Tauranga

We first made contact with Peter Beiner (Managing Director of Instant Immigration) in March 2008. For a very reasonable fee, he made an evaluation of our chances of successfully immigrating to NZ.

Right from the start Mr Beiner didn’t make any promises or raised unrealistic hopes, but pointed out the difficulties and uncertainties of the immigration process.
He informed us about his policy of only taking clients he believes to be successful in their applications.

So as the first evaluation of the qualification by the NZQA turned out to be under the needed point limit, Instant Immigration advised us to not commence with the immigration process. Only after several e-mails and telephone calls we could convince him to keep helping us.
Not before we received the final NZQA qualification assessment with the needed points, we signed the contract with Instant Immigration.

Their policy is to only receive payment after having successfully completed certain steps of the immigration process, e.g. the Expression of Interest, to prevent you from overpaying in case of denial of the application. The final payment is only due when permanent residency or working visa are granted.

Instant Immigration always kept all deadlines and helped immensely in gathering all the needed documents.
Peter Beiner was always available and took his time, even when he obviously was very busy.

Throughout the entire process Instant Immigration always informed us about the risks or possible problems and never made any promises they could not keep. We thoroughly counter checked every information on the responding governmental web-sites only to find that Mr Beiner and his team always supplied us with the correct and up-to-date information.
They always stuck to the very letter of the immigration law and never raised our hopes above reality.

Even after their job was officially over and he had receveid his payment he was happy to help us with many questions that come up when you start anew in a foreign county, thus saving us time and trouble.

We would strongly recommend PB to anybody who is serious about his dream to move to NZ.
He most certainly played a big part in making our dream come true.