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Our professional fees

Naturally, this is one the first and most essential questions for anyone interested in engaging a licensed immigration adviser.
With the majority of clients being refered by previous clients, our fee stricture is no secret.

The IAA publishes a list of average fees charged by licensed immigration advisers (currently under review)
We usually operate at the lower end of the fee spectrum, however, cases which are likely to be much more complicated (i.e. custody and legal matters , medical or character issues etc) will most likely involve more work and fees beyond our average charges.

Once an assessment of your personal chances and the evaluation of your details has been completed, you will receive a firm and reliable quotation for our services including a detailed breakdown of all expenses and fees payable to the authorities.

Our aim is to provide our services for a reasonable fee and thus enabling anyone to immigrate, regardless of nationality and personal budget. Many of our clients have confirmed that, in the end, we saved them a substantial amount, by providing our professional and efficient service and contacts. In most cases it turned out that our clients even saved a higher amount than the fees paid to us; proving that our services basically have paid for themselves.

Please note that we offer a full money-back guarantee of all consulting fees paid to us even for the first installment!
This is why we only accept cases, that are likely to succeed.
Our company reputation is too precious and we will refuse any cooperation if an application would not make any sense from our point of view.
This is our guide and commitment to help you become a happy New Zealander!
Fees are either to be paid by credit card, telegraphic transfer or international bank draft into our NZ or German business accounts.