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Assessment Form

Please complete and submit below assessment form or contact one of our offices.
We will pre-assess your details and advise you on your eligibility to obtain a visa.

This initial eligibility assessment is free of charge.
If you are not eligible we will tell you upfront avoiding potential expenses and disappointment.

If it turns out that you are eligible to apply, a more detailed analysis is required.

We will then forward a detailed questionnaire to you, which you may fill in at your own pace.
The subsequent analysis consists of the evaluation of all your personal details including information relating to the recognition of your qualification(s) in NZ, a personalised migration concept and a breakdown of all costs and expenses for our services as well as the fees payable to the relevant authorities.

This is what you will get:
  • A guaranteed response within 7 business days from a Licensed Immigration Adviser
  • Details on which visa types would be most appropriate for you
  • two separate assessments covering temporary and permanent residence visa options
  • Information on the application process and approximate processing times
  • potential risks or hazards
  • A breakdown of all fees payable to the NZ authorities and our consulting services (we offer flat rates without any surprises)

The charge for this service is NZ$ 80.00/Euro 50.00 and payment can be processed by credit card or NZ/overseas bank accounts.

Lots of clients admit  that the initial assessment was THE eye-opener that convinced them to engage a professional adviser.
It might save you a lot of money or simply make you reconsider to immigrate at all.

Again the initial assessment is free, a subsequent analysis is NZ$ 80.00.

Complete below form and receive your email reply guaranteed within seven New Zealand working days.

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