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New Zealand – the land of dreams. Besides the USA, Canada and Australia, New Zealand is one of the traditional immigration countries experiencing an increasing number of applicants for sought after places.
For many years now, New Zealand has been a desired destination for migrants wanting to leave the hustle and bustle of their industrial societies (and often unsatisfactory climatic conditions) behind, while retaining exposure to a sound economic system.

Furthermore, New Zealand provides wide ranging professional and private employment opportunities, a Euro-Asian-Pacific lifestyle, a temperate climate with approximately 2.200 hours of sunshine per year and of course breathtaking natural landscapes.

In order to cope with the huge level of interest, the New Zealand government has established an extensive and rather complicated immigration system. The flow of people into this country is regulated in terms of those who will benefit the country as well as those in need of a new homeland.

Immigration law is constantly shifting due to the economic and social demands of the country. Therefore, it can be a mine field for the inexperienced migrant.
The annual immigration target  is around 45 – 55,000 with the majority being granted permanent residence under the Skilled Migrant and Family Categories.

It is recommended that immigrants use the services of an immigration consultant in order to minimise the hassle in wading through the mass of personal, professional, financial and familial criteria set down.

To begin with, there are several categories under which you may apply to New Zealand for Immigration: