New Zealand job offer EN


In order to meet the requirements for residence under the Skilled Migrant Category or a work visa, a job-offer from a New Zealand employer is quite often the center of all efforts.
As in other countries, employers in New Zealand highly appreciate that an applicant be self-motivated in seeking employment. The vast majority of employers select their future employees according to their qualification, English language skills and (New Zealand) work experience.

Moreover an applicant’s presence for a personal interview is mandatory – unless the applicant can demonstrate extraordinary skills and qualifications which simply cannot be found in New Zealand.
See also our list for sought-after professions.

The majority of job vacancies are being handled by recruitment agencies which have been instructed by employers to look for suitable staff. You can forward your curriculum vitae to the corresponding companies directly, however in most cases you will be given a reply stating that unfortunately you could not be considered as you were not holding a work-permit or permanent residency.
This is a rather tricky part of the New Zealand Immigration Policy but can be overcome by careful preparation.

If you manage to get a job-offer, your new employer will hardly accept any major delay and wait for several months. Therefore the whole procedure needs a successful strategy.
You will find that in New Zealand most job vacancies are not advertised in newspapers. Alternatively, you can find nationwide New Zealand Herald advertisements on the internet free of charge.


Some professions require registration by the corresponding authorities before any application for permanent residence and/or work visa can be lodged. Only after the applicant can prove registration for his/her profession, the application can be accepted by the NZIS.
We assist in obtaining the necessary documents and can lodge the application on your behalf.