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Our service offer

We provide a complete service package consisting of the following:

  • Joint preparation of your schedule according to your personal needs.
  • Creation checklists and instructions in order to secure the provision of all necessary documents, their perfect chronological order and co-ordination .
  • We will accompany you through all the stages of the respective procedure. From the very beginning to the successful conclusion, we will keep you regularly up-to-date in order to secure adherence to the schedule and prevent any bad news.
  • If required, we can assist you with accredited translation services for your personal documents, certificates and references
  • If necessary, we will apply for an assessment of your overseas qualification at the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). Please see list of recognised qualifications.
  • Quite often the successful application depends on a New Zealand job offer. We collaborate with several recruitment services and are happy to supply you with a NZ style curriculum vitae which differs considerably from other countries. The process of securing a NZ offer of employment is similar to most other countries, i.e. in most cases the applicant needs to get actively involved, make himself personally available for interviews and needs to demonstrate that his work experience is competitve.
  • Should English not be your first language, then the obligatory proof of knowledge of the English language (IELTS-test) should not be underestimated.
    We can supply you with pactice tests/exams as well as a list of language schools focused especially on the IELTS test procedure. It is our objective to prepare and acquaint you with the procedure to ensure maximum success.But our service does not end here, it goes far beyond. We offer assistance in settling into your new lifestyle. This could range from rather difficult issues like the shipment and custom clearance of your personal effects to a simple registration procedure for your vehicle. If you need us, we will be there.

Why use a local licensed immigration adviser ?

First of all, a New Zealand based adviser is familiar with the extensive and complex New Zealand immigration law, thus, preventing formal mistakes right from the beginning of the procedure. In this context it is an important issue that an immigration adviser has local contacts and is currently informed by the government on any occurring changes and therefore can react instantly in the interest of the applicant by taking the correct and precise measures.

A consultant spares you the hassle with the numerous authorities, therefore saves you real money and chooses the schedule carefully in co-operation with the applicant and the authorities. Our long-year experience helps to reduce processing times and thus keeps the costs to a minimum. We guarantee professional management of all your immigration matters.

It is our strict company policy to accept only cases, that are likely to succeed. Should we come to the conclusion that an application would not make any sense, we will frankly tell you in our assessment, or, if possible, discuss alternatives.
Our objective is to make your application process as convenient as possible and to reduce the amount of correspondence with the New Zealand Immigration Service (NZIS) and the processing times to an absolute minimum. Therefore we provide you with extensive checklists for all necessary documents. Once we received your complete documents, we will handle the entire process for you (i.e. application for your oveseas qualification, EOI application, invitation to apply for permanent residence, and all relevant correspondence with the authorities involved).
It is a fact that an application for permanent residency takes usually several months of preparations, before it can be lodged with the NZIS. In the meantime the immigration law or the passmark might change and alternatives have to be elaborated in order to succeed. This is our crucial part and we are accustomed to everchanging situations and regulations forced upon us. The optimum scenario is for you to carry on with your everyday life and let us handle the immigration process. As soon as the visa is issued, you can then prepare for your relocation process at your own pace.
We offer our service to anyone seriously interested in immigrating to this beautiful country. However it is up to the individual to decide whether he needs a consultant for this process. If you decide to handle your application without professional advice, please inform yourself extensively beforehand. The worst case scenario for us are clients whose cases had been declined and expect some miracle from our side. Quite often, such cases cannot be reversed.
We offer a 100% money-back-guarantee should we make mistakes with the lodgement of your application. You can only gain with our service and assistance – such an important issue as your future should only be placed in the hands of experts.